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In the Spotlight: Application Performance Management

Posted November 15th, 2016

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new study on a hot topic in the world of database management, software development and network performance management: Application Performance Management.  The goal is to gain a deep understanding of how companies today are utilizing application performance monitoring tools to identify database problems and resource bottlenecks as well as to pinpoint defective or inefficient code. In most cases, the goal is to speed the development of new applications as well as optimize the performance of existing applications.

The survey that serves as the basis for the study can be found here.


Among the areas of inquiry:

  • To what extent are organizations today satisfied with their Application Performance Management capabilities?
  • What do organizations consider to be the most important reasons for upgrading their Application Performance Management capabilities?
  • What are the biggest challenges with Application Performance Management?
  • What metrics do organizations use to track and measure success with Application Performance Management?
  • What features and functions do users value most in an Application Performance Management solution?

The research will culminate in the publication of The 2017 Benchmark Report on Application Performance Management. The report, which is being underwritten by SolarWinds, will seek to reveal the common characteristics of top-performing companies across multiple sizes and industry sectors. It will explore how these organizations are maximizing the value of their investment in Application Performance Management by not only putting the right technologies in place but also by creating the right organizational structure and implementing the right business processes and performance metrics.