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Take the Survey: Best Practices in Self-Service Business Intelligence

Posted March 9th, 2017

Today companies of all sizes are utilizing self-service BI solutions that harness the power of next-generation data management and advance user interfaces to achieve greater ease of use and faster and better access to information and insights. Even for large corporations, self-service BI solutions can supplement their core business intelligence initiatives, providing a friendlier front end that builds on existing business intelligence investments.

The 2017 Benchmark Report on Self-Service Business Intelligence, revised, expanded and updated from last year’s popular edition, publishes next month. Click here to take the survey that serves as the basis for the new research. Continue reading

Getting the Most Value from Self-Service Business Intelligence

Posted March 31st, 2016

We’re pleased to announce the release of The 2016 Benchmark Report on Self-Service Business Intelligence. According to the new research, business users at all levels of the organization today tend to be both data-oriented and technology-savvy. They want to be able to personally generate and drill down into the details of any given data set independently, without having to involve IT resources. They want to be able to uncover underlying trends and identify opportunities within their areas of accountability that may possibly surface through data analysis. And that speaks to the value of self-service business intelligence.

In fact, 94% of top-performing companies say that self-service business intelligence has been “successful” or “very successful” in terms of enabling them to achieve the desired business results.

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For Faster and Better Access to Insights, Try Self-Service Business Intelligence

Posted February 5th, 2016

The 2016 Benchmark Report on Self-Service Business Intelligence publishes next month. To take the survey that serves as the basis for the research, and receive an advance PDF of the report, please click here.

Self-service business intelligence is easy enough to explain, even to someone without any knowledge of business intelligence. Simply put, it means empowering non-IT business users to make smarter, more timely business decisions by giving them the ability to get the answers they need at a glance, in charts, graphs, and performance dashboards. Most companies today have multiple ways of producing reports in tabular format. But not all of those ways should be dignified with the term business intelligence or yield optimal — or, often, even minimally acceptable — results.
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