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Restaurant Innovation: New Signature Dishes and Next-Generation Technologies

Posted June 3rd, 2016

Restaurant operators often speak of innovation in terms of putting new signature dishes and food creations on the menu. But where the biggest innovation is happening today, arguably, is less on the menu and more in the technology that is driving increased efficiency and effectiveness across all parts of the food and beverage services industry.  Next-generation restaurant management and POS systems are having a profound impact on business operations, guest satisfaction, revenue growth and overall profitability.

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Next-generation Restaurant POS: May I Take Your Order?

Posted November 7th, 2015

Restaurant point of sale (POS) systems have undergone dramatic change in recent years — more dramatic, perhaps, than any the restaurant industry has seen since the decades-old shift from cash registers to POS terminals. These changes encompass both the software and hardware that top-performing restaurants are using today to improve business operations and customer satisfaction — and, ultimately, to reduce costs and increase revenues.

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