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How to Find a Medical Practice Management Solution that Delivers Optimal Results

Posted January 15th, 2016

Regardless of size or area of specialization, every healthcare practice needs a Medical Practice Management Solution that delivers optimal results. The technology platform serves as the very lifeblood of the organization, facilitating interactions and transactions between patients, providers and information. Ideally, it should ensure that all facets of the organization run like a well-oiled machine. By streamlining workflow, improving information access, enhancing patient healthcare quality and driving better financial outcomes, the solution serves as the foundation upon which a healthcare practice is able to excel on a day-to-day basis. Without the right solution, it becomes virtually impossible to run a modern-day practice in an efficient and effective manner, let alone maximize revenue and profitability in what may be a highly competitive environment.

Of course, every healthcare practice today already has a Practice Management (PM) solution of one kind or another already in place. Whether the solution is delivering optimal results is the question that every office manager and other interested party should be asking. According to research conducted for The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Medical Practice Management Solutions, which publishes next month, more than half (53%) of practices across multiple sizes and categories are currently looking to upgrade their medical practice management capabilities. One reason has to do with the perceived shortcomings of their current solutions in terms of features and functionality, including lack of integration with other essential technologies. Many practices want to take advantage of anytime, anywhere access enabled by mobility and cloud-based deployment. Maintaining compliance with ever-changing government regulations and industry standards is, for many practices, another compelling reason to upgrade.

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At the same time that so many existing healthcare practices are upgrading their medical practice management capabilities, new practices are springing up en masse and they, too, need to implement the right technology infrastructure to run their front- and back-office functions and other facets of their businesses. Of course, implementation needs to happen before they can even open their doors to patients. The team charged with making the critical purchase decision – a team that, typically, is comprised of office managers, IT staff and, in some cases, the physicians themselves – needs to feel confident that the technology platform they choose will be equipped to meet their needs now and into future.

Selecting the right solution can be a daunting task. The marketplace is teeming with an impressive array of PM solutions backed by reputable solution providers. Comparing and contrasting the differing functionalities and capabilities of the various solutions and assessing the relative benefits is not easily done without a solid framework for evaluation. Moreover, buyers need to gain clarity around their own needs and priorities. The exercise requires a significant amount of introspection.