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Getting the Most Value from Self-Service Business Intelligence

Posted March 31st, 2016

We’re pleased to announce the release of The 2016 Benchmark Report on Self-Service Business Intelligence. According to the new research, business users at all levels of the organization today tend to be both data-oriented and technology-savvy. They want to be able to personally generate and drill down into the details of any given data set independently, without having to involve IT resources. They want to be able to uncover underlying trends and identify opportunities within their areas of accountability that may possibly surface through data analysis. And that speaks to the value of self-service business intelligence.

In fact, 94% of top-performing companies say that self-service business intelligence has been “successful” or “very successful” in terms of enabling them to achieve the desired business results.

BI cover

Other key research findings include the following:

  • 84% of companies cite cost reduction (identifying opportunities to lower operational costs and also relative to traditional BI implementation and IT resource maintenance) as a top reason to deploy self-service business intelligence
  • 96% of companies agree that the mobile user experience is an “important” or “very important” purchase consideration with self-service business intelligence
  • 77% of companies cite predictive capabilities (e.g., being able to spot emerging trends and conduct scenario analysis) as one of top reasons to deploy self-service business intelligence
  • 81% of companies agree that group collaboration features and functionality are “important” or “very important” purchase considerations with self-service business intelligence
  • 87% of companies cite revenue growth (e.g., by gaining faster access and more flexible views) as one of top reasons to deploy self-service business intelligence

The new 27-page report examines the common characteristics of top-performing companies across multiple sizes and industry sectors. It looks at how they’re maximizing the value of their investment in self-service business intelligence by putting not only the right technologies in place but also by creating the right organizational structure, instilling the right organizational culture and implementing the right performance metrics.