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Restaurant Management and POS Systems for Hotels and Resorts

Posted December 17th, 2016

With restaurant POS systems accounting for the largest portion of the budget for restaurant IT investments, the providers of these solutions are vying for the attention of prospective buyers, including hotel and resort operators. As it happens, some of the leading POS solution providers are also leading providers of hotel property management systems (PMS). These solution providers have a distinct advantage over restaurant-only vendors in that they are able to serve hotels with fully integrated technology capabilities.

As part of their research, evaluation and selection process, prospective buyers need to be able to ask the right questions of solution providers so as to be able to rule out some options while narrowing down others. These questions are bound to vary depending on the restaurant sizes and categories at a given lodging property, as well as the hotelier or restaurant manager’s strategic priorities.

An operator who wishes to migrate one or more of the hotel’s eating establishments to tableside service capabilities will likely have more questions about those features than ones who decide to use centralized order and payment processing terminals. Similarly, an operator who manages multiple restaurants across multiple hotel properties may be more interested in multi-property features and remote access to, say, menu and table layout functions.

Yes some questions are bound to be equally applicable across nearly all hotel restaurants. For example: Does the POS solution offer flexibility in functionality, including data access and performance reporting? The degree of visibility offered by next-generation restaurant POS systems is unprecedented. Such visibility offers a whole new level of management control. To take advantage, however, restaurant operators may have certain software configuration and customization needs that must first be implemented.