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Take the Survey: Best Practices in Self-Service Business Intelligence

Posted March 9th, 2017

Today companies of all sizes are utilizing self-service BI solutions that harness the power of next-generation data management and advance user interfaces to achieve greater ease of use and faster and better access to information and insights. Even for large corporations, self-service BI solutions can supplement their core business intelligence initiatives, providing a friendlier front end that builds on existing business intelligence investments.

The 2017 Benchmark Report on Self-Service Business Intelligence, revised, expanded and updated¬†from last year’s popular edition, publishes in June. Click here to take the survey that serves as the basis for the new research.

Self-service BI capitalizes on the fact that today the smallest tablets, and even smartphones, come with powerful processors and many gigabytes of memory. That makes it possible to perform analytic tasks in the palm of your hand that only a few years ago would have required a server.

The best self-service BI solutions require no more skills than Excel, yet deliver deeper insight, faster and in far more accessible way. These tools can pull data from existing BI systems, extract it on-the-fly from spreadsheets or from any number of data sources.