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Healthcare Revenue Cycle the Focus of New Starfleet Research

Posted May 27th, 2017

Healthcare poses a confusing and challenging revenue cycle that dramatically differs from any other industry. From the minute the patient contacts a healthcare organization until after the payment is received, healthcare organizations must meet a dizzying array of requirements to properly qualify the patient’s insurance coverage, meet the service and documentation requirements, and build a claim that properly and accurately qualifies the service, patient situation, complicating factors, and condition.

Additional complexity of the healthcare revenue cycle is being driven by the search for improved productivity and the need to lower costs without sacrificing patient care. Under new revenue cycle models, the connection between services and payments is becoming more obscure and challenging. Indeed, many new payment mechanisms are not directly tied to specific services and pose a revenue cycle and control challenge to all healthcare organizations.

The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Revenue Cycle Management will address the challenge of dealing with and managing dramatic changes to healthcare revenue cycle management during the transition from the fee for service model to a hybrid model with non-FFS arrangements. The evolving revenue cycle challenge includes fee for service components, but requires new management tools and strategies to assure that your practice or healthcare organization qualifies for other payments and incentives as well as manages your obligations under a variety of non-FFS payment mechanisms.

The new guide is being authored by Ronald Sterling, a world-renowned authority on next-generation healthcare IT who serves as a subject matter expert in our growing healthcare IT best practices market research practice. A HIMSS Book of the Year award-winning author, Ronald has written 8 books on healthcare information technology. His latest book, Medicare Payment Changes and Opportunities, guides practices and healthcare organizations on the strategies and tactics to address the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate Repeal.

Whether you are looking for new tools or adjusting your use of existing medical billing and electronic health record systems, this guide will help you understand the challenges and opportunities of the evolution of healthcare revenue cycle management as well as what you need to do to manage patient service and maximize your revenue. The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Revenue Cycle Management is scheduled to publish next quarter, with distribution support from top healthcare IT content publishers, including UBM Medica, and underwriting participation from five leading solution providers.