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Take the Survey: Best Practices in Application Performance Management

Posted September 29th, 2017

The 2018 Benchmark Report on Application Performance Management, revised, expanded and updated from this year’s edition, publishes in January. The new research and analysis will focus on how top-performing companies are using next-generation application performance management to speed the development of new applications, optimize the performance of existing applications, and improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Click here to take the survey that serves as the basis for the new research.

Today’s most advanced APM solutions help organizations avoid nightmare scenarios by providing a highly automated, sophisticated and comprehensive approach to identifying application performance issues, no matter where they may occur, at the earliest possible point of detection. By helping to ensure that issues get detected and resolved in a time-sensitive manner, these next-generation solutions make it possible to avert, or at least minimize, the impact of a malfunction while at the same time instilling in the organization a culture of continuous performance improvement.