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Webinar: How to Win Big with Hotel Revenue Management

Posted May 27th, 2018

Starfleet Research is pleased to announce its participation in a new webinar (click here to register) hosted by Duetto, a leading provider of hospitality revenue strategy solutions, that will take place June 13. In this webinar, Jeff Zabin, research director at Starfleet Research, will share the latest benchmark research on best practices in revenue management, based on the experiences of hundreds of hoteliers, as well as his own observations on how top-performing hotels are achieving success. Joining Jeff will be Eric Stoessel, Vice President of Marketing at Duetto, who will share his perspective and insights as well as some case studies on leading hotel brands.

Among the questions that will be explored:
  • How can hoteliers maximize the value of their investment in revenue strategy?
  • What are the biggest pitfalls with revenue strategy — and how can they be avoided?
  • What are the must-have technology capabilities and data sources?
  • What organizational resources, business processes and performance metrics should be used to maximize success?
  • How can hoteliers drive continuous performance improvement?