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Healthcare IT a Big Focus of Upcoming Smart Decision Guides

Posted September 28th, 2018

Every healthcare practice needs a medical practice management (PM) solution that delivers optimal results. The technology serves as the very lifeblood of the organization, facilitating interactions and transactions between patients and information. A next-generation solution helps ensure that all facets of the practice run like a well-oiled machine — streamlining workflow, improving information access, enhancing patient healthcare quality and driving better financial outcomes. Without the right solution, it becomes virtually impossible to run a modern-day practice in an efficient and effective manner, let alone maximize revenue and profitability in what may be a highly competitive environment that, increasingly, is also beset by regulatory controls. Every healthcare practice today also needs to address the challenge of dealing with and managing dramatic changes to healthcare revenue cycle management during the transition from the fee for service model to a hybrid model with non-FFS arrangements.  The evolving revenue cycle challenge includes fee for service components, but requires new management tools and strategies to assure that the healthcare organization qualifies for other payments and incentives as well as manages its obligations under a variety of non-FFS payment mechanisms. Given the critical importance of these technology purchased and the need for expert guidance through the research and evaluation process, Starfleet Research is pleased to announce that new Smart Decision Guides focused on Medical Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management will publish in Q1.


The 2019 Smart Decision Guide to Medical Practice Management Systems, the first edition of which published in 2016 to widespread acclaim in the medical IT community, is scheduled for release in February. The 2019 Smart Decision Guide to Revenue Cycle Management, co-authored by by Ronald Sterling, a world-renowned authority on next-generation healthcare IT, and with promotional support from UBM Medica and other leading publication partners, is scheduled for release in March. Both titles are expected to make a big splash as authoritative resources for healthcare IT decision makers.