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Oracle Previews Commissioned Study from Starfleet Research on Artificial Intelligence

Posted October 8th, 2018

Oracle today shared some of the research findings from a new Starfleet Research study: “So many people are clamoring about AI – or artificial intelligence – but do you really have a firm grasp on how hoteliers are using it to enhance the guest experience? Odds are, probably not, which is exactly why we commissioned Starfleet Research to conduct a major study exploring AI’s usage and benefits in the hotel business. Rather than discuss nebulous, theoretical aspects of AI, the report (which is not yet published) – “How Artificial Intelligence Enhances the Guest Experience” – provides empirical evidence to help place AI’s current use in context, quantify real benefits and gauge hoteliers’ interest and commitment in the technology’s development.”


starfleet research

Among the findings:

  • Several leading hotel groups report that their AI-enabled concierge services – answering guest queries by text and/or voice – have reduced calls to the human concierge desk by 35 percent or more, freeing associates on property from routine tasks.
  • AI-enabled technology has been shown to improve hotel guest response and service time (or decrease problem resolution time) by 33 percent.
  • 76 percent of hoteliers say they already have invested – or plan to do so within the next 12 months – in one or more AI technology-related initiatives (including chatbots and mobile messaging apps) focused on enhancing the guest experience.
  • 82 percent of hoteliers cite the ability to “capture data from which hoteliers can generate actionable insights for improving business processes and driving innovations that further enhance the guest experience” as a top benefit of an AI-technology initiative.

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