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Why Insurance Agencies are Upgrading their Technology Capabilities

Posted October 7th, 2016

The ability to provide a better customer service and increase employee productivity are two good reasons to upgrade to a next-generation Insurance Agency Management System. Another good reason relates to data accuracy. These systems make the paperwork on the back-end not only easier to process, but also less prone to errors.

Whether agents are entering information such as a vehicle description or a client birth date or outputting premium quotes, income statements, or a claims report, processing tends to be quick and accurate. Many systems can retrieve and pre-load ACORD forms and remarket carrier features and benefits without the need to manually rekey information.

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Insurance Agencies Adopt Next-Generation Solutions to Improve Operations

Posted December 3rd, 2015

Technology —particularly, as it relates to efficient and effective data management — has always been vital to the success of insurance agencies. In fact, these businesses have always been early technology adopters. Spurred by the data connectivity and processing requirements of the behemoth carriers they represent, agencies have became increasingly sophisticated with respect to customer data management and analysis. By being on the forefront of IT innovation, they have been able to steadily improve their operational performance. They have also been able to offer clients a greater diversity of products and services, helping to fuel business growth and profitability.

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