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Rainmaker Releases Commissioned Study from Starfleet Research on Business Intelligence

Posted November 9th, 2018

Rainmaker today announced the availability of a commissioned research study from Starfleet Research on the value of business intelligence in the hospitality industry: “Today, rather than spend inordinate amounts of time grappling with endless formatting, data importing and exporting, version control issues, and poor visualizations, hotel operators can utilize powerful, flexible and intuitive tools designed specifically for their industry and even their specific roles and areas of accountability. The tools allow them to focus their attention on getting the answers and insights they need to maximize operational and financial performance as well as improve the quality of the guest experience. The best of these tools deliver real-time insights that enable hotel operators to make the best decisions quickly and accurately. Data discovery tools help answer new questions as they arise, allowing for a more proactive approach to decision making.”

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Starfleet Research to Serve Up Fresh Guides on Restaurant Technology

Posted October 20th, 2018

More and more restaurant owners and operators are implementing enhancements to their existing technology platform capabilities, which have been evolving at an accelerated pace, and also deploying entirely new systems. According to the research conducted for The 2019 Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant Management and POS Systems, which publishes next month, nearly one-quarter (24 percent) of restaurant operators who have not upgraded their core restaurant management and POS system within the past 3 years plan to do so in the next 12 months. For them, the latest edition of this Smart Decision Guide offers a roadmap to success. It includes insights for evaluating different solutions and practical guidance for making the right selection. It also includes pointers for maximizing the value of the investment over time and driving continuous performance improvement. With the continued growth of our restaurant IT practice area, including the official launch of Restaurant Technology News, Starfleet Research is pleased to announce a new related SDG title:  The 2019 Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant Guest Experience Management, which will be on the menu in March 2019.

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Oracle Previews Commissioned Study from Starfleet Research on Artificial Intelligence

Posted October 8th, 2018

Oracle today shared some of the research findings from a new Starfleet Research study: “So many people are clamoring about AI – or artificial intelligence – but do you really have a firm grasp on how hoteliers are using it to enhance the guest experience? Odds are, probably not, which is exactly why we commissioned Starfleet Research to conduct a major study exploring AI’s usage and benefits in the hotel business. Rather than discuss nebulous, theoretical aspects of AI, the report (which is not yet published) – “How Artificial Intelligence Enhances the Guest Experience” – provides empirical evidence to help place AI’s current use in context, quantify real benefits and gauge hoteliers’ interest and commitment in the technology’s development.”


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Healthcare IT a Big Focus of Upcoming Smart Decision Guides

Posted September 28th, 2018

Every healthcare practice needs a medical practice management (PM) solution that delivers optimal results. The technology serves as the very lifeblood of the organization, facilitating interactions and transactions between patients and information. A next-generation solution helps ensure that all facets of the practice run like a well-oiled machine — streamlining workflow, improving information access, enhancing patient healthcare quality and driving better financial outcomes. Without the right solution, it becomes virtually impossible to run a modern-day practice in an efficient and effective manner, let alone maximize revenue and profitability in what may be a highly competitive environment that, increasingly, is also beset by regulatory controls. Every healthcare practice today also needs to address the challenge of dealing with and managing dramatic changes to healthcare revenue cycle management during the transition from the fee for service model to a hybrid model with non-FFS arrangements.  The evolving revenue cycle challenge includes fee for service components, but requires new management tools and strategies to assure that the healthcare organization qualifies for other payments and incentives as well as manages its obligations under a variety of non-FFS payment mechanisms. Given the critical importance of these technology purchased and the need for expert guidance through the research and evaluation process, Starfleet Research is pleased to announce that new Smart Decision Guides focused on Medical Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management will publish in Q1.

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The Fifth Annual Edition of the SDG to Hospitality Revenue Management: Take the Survey

Posted September 10th, 2018

Most hotel operators view the need to progressively improve their revenue management capabilities as a strategic imperative worthy of  garnering ever-increasing amounts of attention and resources, given the opportunity to improve financial performance in highly predictable ways. For most hotel operators, the investment in upgrading their revenue management capabilities has paid off in spades. In fact, according to research conducted for The 2018 Smart Decision Guide to Hospitality Revenue Management, large and very large hotels have enjoyed, on average, a 10 percent increase in RevPAR, often resulting in millions of dollars in additional profit. Midsize and limited service hotels have faired only slightly less favorably, with a 7 percent average increase in RevPAR. Of course, not all revenue management initiatives are the same. Different approaches, technologies and resources produce dramatically different results. The fifth annual edition for this Smart Decision Guide, publishing in January, will offer hotel operators a framework for upgrading their revenue management capabilities and insights for selecting the right solution in the context of their hotel or resort’s specific needs. It will also offer practical advice for putting the right resources, processes and metrics in place to maximize success and drive continuous performance improvement. Take the survey here. Continue reading

Hot Off the Press: A New Collection of Co-Branded eBooks

Posted August 17th, 2018

We’re pleased to announce that more than a dozen new co-branded eBook titles have recently (or will soon to be) released in partnership with some of the world’s leading technology solution providers. Hospitality IT has long been one of our industry focus areas. It’s no surprise, then, that more than half of the new eBook titles (some of the covers are shown below) explore various aspects of technology-enabled business improvement for hotels and resorts, on topics that range from artificial intelligence to business intelligence in the context of the hotel guest experience. We are proud to lead the pack of market research firms in the production of commissioned eBooks for this dynamic and rapidly-evolving industry sector. Starfleet Research brings an unmatched “cloak of credibility” in the eyes of hotel operators, given the popularity of our annual Smart Decision Guides series on hotel-related topics. Our market presence in this sector continues to grow with the success of Hotel Technology News, which is fast becoming a leading industry resource. We would like to think that the quality of our content also has something to do with our success.

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Infor Highlights Starfleet Research Findings in Commissioned Study

Posted July 28th, 2018

Infor today highlighted key findings from a new commissioned study from Starfleet Research: “A recent white paper from Infor and Starfleet research, Built for the Cloud: A Blueprint for Hotel Technology Success, outlines what hoteliers should look for in evaluating a new PMS. It explains that a true, cloud-based system provides the simplest and least risky technology investment for hoteliers – both large and small – needing to bring themselves into a 21st century infrastructure. It also explains what that true cloud system looks like.”

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Starfleet Research Extends Its Reach with Industry Publications

Posted June 20th, 2018

Starfleet Research has been leveraging the rapid growth of two hospitality IT industry publications Hotel Technology News and Restaurant Technology News, published by parent company Starfleet Media, to our advantage with a slew of research activities. These activities range from conducting custom research surveys for co-branded eBooks and Smart Decision Guides as well as for proprietary research projects for our client partners through the opt-in subscriber lists. The publications are also proving to be effective in providing an additional channel, beyond the existing promotion and syndication network, for distribution of Starfleet Research content assets to target audiences, including IT decision makers, who benefit from the research-based guidance and recommendations.

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Webinar: How to Win Big with Hotel Revenue Management

Posted May 27th, 2018

Starfleet Research is pleased to announce its participation in a new webinar (click here to register) hosted by Duetto, a leading provider of hospitality revenue strategy solutions, that will take place June 13. In this webinar, Jeff Zabin, research director at Starfleet Research, will share the latest benchmark research on best practices in revenue management, based on the experiences of hundreds of hoteliers, as well as his own observations on how top-performing hotels are achieving success. Joining Jeff will be Eric Stoessel, Vice President of Marketing at Duetto, who will share his perspective and insights as well as some case studies on leading hotel brands.

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Accessing the Health of Medical Practice Management Solutions

Posted April 16th, 2018

Choosing the right medical practice management solution is a critical undertaking, and the focus of a new Smart Decision Guide scheduled to publish in Q3. After all, its functionality and usability are sure to have a direct correlation with the practice’s overall productivity and long-term financial success.  PM technology capabilities have evolved dramatically in recent years, partly in response to the passage of federal healthcare laws. Software that can organize medical records and patient information and speed the completion of common tasks like scheduling new appointments and processing billing and insurance claims was once seen as cutting-edge. Today these capabilities are considered to be table stakes.

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