How Technology Helps Casino Resort Operations Play a Winning Hand

With a mix of renewed optimism and understandable uncertainty, hoteliers with gaming operations are venturing into an altered marketplace with a clear goal: recapturing revenue and elevating guest experiences. More than ever, that task will rely upon hotel tech solutions, such as contactless and cashless, which played a critical role in keeping businesses afloat during the past two years. The benefits of technology became self-evident, and now many hoteliers, especially with gaming operations, are prioritizing upgrading their property management system as a centerpiece of innovation to rapidly meet ever-changing consumer needs.

A new research study, How Casino Resort Operations Play a Winning Hand: Technology’s Vital Role, conducted by Starfleet Research in partnership with Oracle Hospitality, shares the insights and objectives of hoteliers and casino operators, factoring their considerations for a cloud-based PMS – and providing information to help you make the best system selection for your business. Among the key findings of a survey of hotel executives, managers, and staff at lodging properties with casino/gaming operations:

  • 42% of respondents cited poor data integration as one of their property’s biggest technology pain points.
  • Percentage of respondents who said they have gained or expect to gain the following benefits by deploying a cloud-based PMS: 82% – reduce IT operations and maintenance costs; 73% – improve staff satisfaction and retention; 68% – improve guest satisfaction, loyalty, and retention; 62% – increase revenue and profitability from hotel guest rooms; 44% – increase revenue and profitability from gaming/casino operations.
  • Focus areas deemed high priority for IT investment over the next 12 months: 46% – improve the contactless guest journey; 42% – enhance data access across all staff/departments; 34% – improve revenue-management capabilities.

Such findings underscore the need to reevaluate business preparedness and importance of agility in a post-pandemic environment. By harnessing the power of a next-generation PMS — one that consists of an open architecture, built-in integration services and open APIs — hoteliers can share data across all departments, touchpoints, locations, and functions, including their gaming operations. A cloud-based PMS allows for comprehensive guest profiles stored in a central repository, making it possible to know each guest’s value to the hotel and improve delivery of personalized offers and services (including room comps) – ultimately, leading to increased RevPAR and revenue growth.

Furthermore, a cloud-based PMS provides built-in reporting and analytics tools to monitor performance metrics, makes work simpler and better for employees, and reduces IT cost and complexity. Embracing it is now a prerequisite for success.