What We Do

Starfleet Research, the most recognizable name in best practices IT market research for hospitality and other select industry sectors, develops original, compelling content steeped in unbiased, fact-based market research. We pride ourselves on the quality of our information, insights and recommendations, which we marry with attractive, cutting-edge graphic design to produce state-of-the-art digital content assets. Typically, these content assets are licensed to leading technology solution providers and/or distributed via our industry-leading publications and extensive partner network. Tens of thousands of IT executives and influencers rely on our Smart Decision Guides, eBooks, Infographics and Benchmark Reports to stay smart and keep current in a world of rapid change and make the right decisions regarding their current and future technology-enabled business initiatives. Simply put, we help IT decision makers connect the dots.

Smart Decision Guides are widely regarded as definitive and authoritative resources for IT decision makers researching next-generation technology solutions in niche markets. Approximately 40 pages in length, a Smart Decision Guide™ offers a treasure trove of practical guidance and actionable insights and a roadmap for success in making informed buying decisions — and, also, for maximizing the value of the investment following implementation. Combining expert commentary from subject matter experts with best practices research based on the experiences of thousands of industry practitioners, a Smart Decision Guide™ is a must-read for any prospective buyer. 

Starfleet Research eBooks harness the power of specificity, deep-diving into focused topic areas while demonstrating the best in thought leadership, research-based insights, and creative design. Authored by subject matter experts and typically 15 to 20 pages in length, these content assets are venerated by IT decision makers for providing actionable recommendations for achieving success.

Starfleet Research Infographics transform dull data into captivating imagery that educates, informs and inspires IT decision makers. These content assets often draw on key takeaways from a Smart Decision Guide or eBook rich in information and insights or leverage research data captured specifically for the purpose of custom content development.

Comprehensive, unbiased, authoritative, and informed by survey-based market research, Benchmark Reports focus on how top-performing companies achieve their desired objectives with specific technology-enabled business initiatives. Unlike Smart Decision Guides, which are industry-specific, Benchmark Reports focus on department or function areas and provide insights and recommendations that are applicable across multiple types of businesses. These content assets are approximately 25 pages in length and chock full of informative graphic elements.

Starfleet Research research reports serve the needs of both solution providers and industry practitioners, from venture-backed startups to multi-billion dollar corporations. These commissioned reports typically involve extensive research and analysis. The reports provide the basis for making major IT-related decisions across a range of business initiatives, from making company acquisitions and launching new business and solutions to guiding product development roadmaps, customer targeting, marketing strategy and brand repositioning.